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Listee is on a mission to improve the way you spend your ‘free time’ . Read better books, go visit hidden gem restaurants or hike new trails. Easily save & share the things you love with friends.

Use the 'share-function' in browser or app

In every browser and app there is a 'share-function'. Press on it and scroll down for the Listee app.

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Listee has the best integrated search engine that will enrich your search with all extra relevant information.

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COMING SOON: Use nifty Listee widgets on your own website or blog page and make sharing even easier.

Use widgets first

Soul's Kitchen

Weekly podcast about spirituality and mindfulness.


Increase in podcast followers and returning listeners since co-creating lists on Listee

Podcast business model improvement

Revenue increase 29.2%




"Without a blog or affiliate knowledge I could monetize my podcast."

Challenge: retain audience

Where to interact with your audience as a podcast maker? The experience improves drastically when you're not only sending, but also receive and interact from and with your listeners. 

How Listee was used

"By using Listee, Soul's Kitchen was able to invite audiences to public lists on Listee, where they could add books and movies they loved and related to the topics of the podcast. The list is now used and updated regularly by over 50.000 listeners, how cool is that?" 

-Jasper Mutsaerts, owner Soul's Kitchen

Feedback to improve Listee

With help of Jasper and other users, Listee was able to design the best widget to tailor the needs of podcasters and influencer, allowing them to share embedded lists right on their own platforms and podcast publishers.

The best way to save and share recommendations

No longer share unactionable lists or screenshots on Whatsapp. Invite your friends for well structured and enriched lists that are easy to navigate and use.

Co-create lists with your friends

Add one or multple friends as co-authors to your list and share the best recommendations.

Follow lists of your friends

Easily follow lists of your friends and you always have the up-to-date lists in your pocket.

What Listee users say

You won’t be the only one using Listee, these pioneers have paved the way for you.



“On instagram all my tips disappear in one day. With Listee I can build an archive and commercialise it!“


Creative film producer

“People regularly ask me which movies or docs I watch. Listee makes it very easy to share various lists with my friends and followers.“


Breathwork coach

“Listee is the perfect landing place for people who are interested in breahtwork. “

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Credits to Jeremy Enns

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General Questions

Yes! There are no ads and no hidden fees. You can start your account for free. 

After creating an account on Listee, creating lists is super easy. Follow simple steps in the list wizards and start looking for products, media and destinations to add to your list..

You can add any link directly from you browser or other app to Listee using the share-function. This only takes 3 steps. Press share, select Listee app, and select the list you want to save this item to.

You can also add new content via the search engine within Listee. Press the ‘+’ function in the footer and press ‘Add new item’.

By default all your lists are private, but if you want to can open your lists for friends-only or make them public. Public lists can be viewed by anyone who has acces to your URL.

Anything with a link can be saved in your list: books, places, music, news articles, recipies, podcasts, movies, hiking trails, museums, things you like to buy etcetera.

Whether you save things for later, you want to keep track of the things you love or you want to make inspiring lists for others, with Listee you get complete freedom to customize your lists and add any type of content you desire. 

Listee is for anyone with a mobile phone who likes to orginize the things they love. Using private lists, Listee is for anyone looking for a great bookmark and list making tool.

But Listee also has some great features which are relevant for (micro-)influencers:

Per list users can add co-creators or choose to change visibily of their lists to friends-only or public. When choosing friends-only, Listee is a great way to keep your friends inspired by the things you love and visa versa.

Public lists can be used for sharing lists with larger audiences. By sharing the link in social media posts for example. Listee makes it possible to share a large amount of information in a structured way. Followers can subscribe to lists so they receive updates per mail when influencers add new content to their list.

Yes, when a lists is public even people without the app can view the content. Listee has a web-app which means people without the app are redirected to the website URL of Listee.