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Use our affiliate search engine to search and find products and services of 4000+ affiliate partners and promote them on your own channels.

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Use our tool to create the most compelling lists for you audience. Insert your own affiliate links or add products via our affiliate search engine.

Create compelling lists with city trips, movies, books, make-up or anything you love in the world and start earning money.

Connect with 4000+ affiliate partners

Create your Listee account and automatically start earning affiliate income from links you share of 4K+ partners including Amazon, Booking and Bol.com

Group your lists on theme or episode

Groups allow you to create dedicated places with lists in Listee linked to specific episodes of your podcast or Youtube series, or different themes you engage with with your audience.

Publish your lists and co-create

Share all your tips well orginized in lists. With open lists your audience can also add tips to your lists, so you and your followers or friends can co-create together.

All-in-one-solution for 'influencers'

You no longer need a website, blog, Linktree, or to sign-up for many affiliate programs. It’s all in one tool, and you can start for free.

Embed your list

COMING SOON: Use nifty Listee widgets on your own website or blog page and make sharing even easier.

Use widgets first

Soul's Kitchen

Weekly podcast about spirituality and mindfulness.


Increase in podcast followers and returning listeners since co-creating lists on Listee

Podcast business model improvement

Revenue increase 29.2%




"Without a blog or affiliate knowledge I could monetize my podcast."

Challenge: retain audience

Where to interact with your audience as a podcast maker? The experience improves drastically when you're not only sending, but also receive and interact from and with your listeners. 

How Listee was used

"By using Listee, Soul's Kitchen was able to invite audiences to public lists on Listee, where they could add books and movies they loved and related to the topics of the podcast. The list is now used and updated regularly by over 50.000 listeners, how cool is that?" 

-Jasper Mutsaerts, owner Soul's Kitchen

Feedback to improve Listee

With help of Jasper and other users, Listee was able to design the best widget to tailor the needs of podcasters and influencer, allowing them to share embedded lists right on their own platforms and podcast publishers.

Earn up to 8% revenue on your recommendations

Listee is on a mission to democratize the business model of creators all over the world. Stay independent, and get paid without being hired by brands or agencies.

Improve engagement

Most recommendations disappear after 1 day. With Listee you create a hub for all your recommendations.

Monetisation never was this easy

Get commission on every sale that's made through your affiliate links.

Revenue share

  • Revenue you generate for companies 92%
  • Your earnings 8%

What Listee users say

You won’t be the only one using Listee, these pioneers have paved the way for you.



“On instagram all my tips disappear in one day. With Listee I can build an archive and commercialise it!“


Creative film producer

“People regularly ask me which movies or docs I watch. Listee makes it very easy to share various lists with my friends and followers.“


Breathwork coach

“Listee is the perfect commercial landing place for people who are interested in breahtwork. “

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Credits to Jeremy Enns

General Questions

Yes! There are no ads and no hidden fees. You can start your account for free. 

Together with you! Listee collaborates with the best affiliate networks in the world. You can list items on your lists and users can click on outgoing links directly to the product, file or destination you promote. When they purchase, a fee is paid by the affiliate network to Listee. You make 70% off this income and we take 30% for our services.

Listee works together with more than 4000+ affiliate partners world wide including the largest such as Booking, Amazone and Bol. When you search for new recommendation to add to your list, all items which are included in our program have a “$” sign. This way you can know on which recommendations you can and can’t make money.

After creating an account on Listee, creating lists on Listee is super easy. Follow simple steps in the list wizards and start looking for products, media and destinations to add to the list. Added products will automatically have affiliate links.

Yes! In this BETA version we try to learn about you and your needs. Please give us some feedback after usage.

There are a lot of tools out there to share links (such as Linktree). With Listee you can better organise your links in lists and even maps. You can also add great photo’s and a personal recommendation for your audience. Your audience can follow you or even individual lists. They get an e-mail when you add new items once a week. You don’t have to pay a monthly subscription for Listee!

What really sets Listee apart is the integration with almost all relevant affiliate marketing platforms. That way you don’t have to be approved by hundreds of parties to sell products and copy and paste links. Each platform has it’s own sales threshold (minimum sales before you can with drawl), with Listee it’s 25 euro for all you platforms combined! Just sign up for Listee and start earning money. Just try it out!